50 Fireside Gate #4101, Cochrane, AB T4C 2P3

Take out Menu  & Delivery at Mezzo Caffe

PZA is a fun and creative play on the word pizza, it is something you will never forget. It is clean, vibrant and easy to text, which will make it a common staple in the industry. The word parlour is a smaller role in the definition of our restaurant concept but still a key component as it brings in aspects of my traditions. I grew up with the checkered tables, green carpet, wicker wrapped wine bottles and my Nonna’s passion for creating great pizza, all of which are associated with the word parlour. As I am a young restaurateur I wanted to ensure that I touch all age groups and made young and old feel comfortable in my restaurant. PZA Parlour does just that!

My goal is to have PZA grow with me, my family and yours. I want it to become the place that everyone grows up with, the place our parents took us for a good time. We are focusing on good service, great food and a good time.

Contact Information
Phone: 403-981-6666