Riverfront Park


Imagine walking down a path past a strand of multi-coloured poplars in the fall as the leaves feather to the ground, backdropped against the pure blue, big Alberta sky. One cannot help but become immersed in nature, and that is what Cochrane’s Riverfront Park encompasses, nature.

The park reflects the natural setting it is surrounded by, with natural amenities provided in the children’s playground.  Beautiful wooden slides and climbing apparatus will keep the children busy for hours in the playground while parents interact with their kids or visit the area and have a picnic.   

One of the featured attractions in the park is that it borders the beautiful Bow River. There is a boat launch area and many people spend an afternoon rafting or boating down the Bow River, or casting a line into the liquid jewel that is world-renowned for trout fishing.  Cap the day with a firepit or a barbeque in one of the half-dozen firepits provided.

If people don’t want to get their feet wet, there are plenty of paths, close to 60 kilometres of paths throughout Cochrane for the landlubbers either on foot or on wheels.  Regardless of which direction one takes, or which path they choose to follow, people are in for a visual treat.  Head west on the paved path and experience the snow-capped mountain view when you rise out of the valley. The stunning vista will literally take your breath away, or the loss of breath may be due to the long hill that climbs out of the valley and into Mitford Park

Or head east and soak up the stunning flora. Hike along the river winding paths that are walled with Wolf Willow, Wild Gooseberry, Canadian Buffalo-Berry and several other shrub species that populate the southern Alberta river valleys.

The paved path heading east leads visitors to a frisbee golf course, the game that can be played year-round. If frisbee golf isn’t your game keep following the path east until you encounter a forested area that is reminiscent of a Brothers Grimm story. One must then make a decision, take the path north into the overhanging trees, or continue east along the river to the nearby off-leash dog park and a world beyond. 

Riverfront Park is ideally located next to Highway 22, on the south side of the bridge and is easily accessed from Griffin Rd. with plenty of parking.