Cochrane Disc Golf


Located at Riverfront Park in a beautiful riverside setting, the 9-hole Cochrane Disc Golf Course is, for obvious reasons, drawing plenty of interest. Disc golf courses don't come much prettier or more peaceful than this one! The brand-new course, which features handmade wooden baskets and plenty of interesting holes, is free to use and is open seven days a week. If you've never played it, the sport of disc golf is fun, social, and doable for every age and skill level.

The premise of disc golf is simple. Grab a few friends, a few discs (they're like frisbees and are widely available at sporting goods stores) and play each hole in succession like golf. You keep track of your strokes, or throws, in the same way as golf. Except in disc golf the “hole” is a raised basket. If you can fling a frisbee you can play disc golf! No clubs. No intimidation. No fuss! Scorecards and maps are available at the first tee so you won't get lost and you can document your greatness.