Amaryllis Crystal Garden

Amaryllis Crystal Garden Cochrane
Amaryllis Crystal Garden Cochrane
Amaryllis Crystal Garden CochraneAmaryllis Crystal Garden Cochrane
Address: 216 1st Street West, Cochrane, AB, Canada T4C 1B4

Amaryllis Crystal Garden, located in the heart of Historic Downtown, is Canada's largest Alchemy Bowl Store.  Along with singing bowls, you will find a garden of crystals and crystal products.

Join us for a sound bath, a truly relaxing, meditative experience with the powerful frequencies of the incredible, world-class, therapeutic grade Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.  We look forward to coming together to collectively create a pure, positive, intentional space to support transition and growth.

Gayle Leary and Timmy Wijnen - a.k.a. Grace and Timmy Starlight, the new owners, are passionate and dedicated lightworkers and crystal sound healers who completely trust in the synchronicity of their life journey. It is their mission to help raise the vibration of body, mind and spirit of humanity while sharing the healing powers of alchemy crystal singing bowls, crystals, gemstones, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage.


Contact Information
Phone: 403-981-1444