213 Charlesworth Avenue, Cochrane, AB, Canada, Canada T4C 2B7

With their unique equipment,  Alberta Metal Works has expanded and now offers personalized and seasonal decorations, that are handcrafted, right here in Cochrane.   If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, they can create something special for you!

For our local business community,  AMW can create a custom sign as they did for Wildcat Coffee, to make your business stand out!  They also developed a customized holder for your plexiglass protective barriers.  A simple solution to assist with PPE.

AMW is the only local Cochrane and area steel service center, specializing in cutting and bending plate materials for manufacturing, construction, commercial and industrial applications, agriculture, and residential applications.  They can assist with stainless steel and aluminum projects and work with models generated in the latest CAD programs to cardboard cut out and napkin sketches.

AMW is always up for a chat about your projects big or small and they are eager to help you move your projects along!

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